Who We are

“To work is to be needed and to be needed is essential for life.”
Bertram J. Black

At Windham, we believe that the return-to-work journey is one that’s better taken together.

Helping to make injured workers feel valued and an integral part of their recovery and return-to-work process is essential to what we do and why we do it. Whether you are an injured worker, an employer, or a claims professional, we engage our stakeholders on an individual level to deliver substantially better response times, shorten the return-to-work cycle, control costs, and achieve optimal outcomes for all.

Our TotalTeam Approach

When a customer or injured worker contacts Windham, they have the attention and support of our entire team of case managers and return-to-work professionals. We apply our TotalTeam approach in which the focus is always on the emotional and physical care of the injured worker, guiding them on their journey to recovery.

Sebastian Grasso

President and CEO

Jim Lovett

Vice President and CIO

Jessica Roeske

Director of QA

Nicole Lovett

Director of Clinical Training and Program Development

Natasha Ruiz

Client Services Manager

Kristen Swansburg

RTW Services Manager
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Every single nurse I work with is amazing, they all deserve kudos for sure! Love them. AND YOU 🙂