An industrial waste truck driver with a right shoulder injury


An injured truck driver could not engage in lifting, pushing, or pulling motion of force greater than 25 lbs — no overhead lifting, lifting to waist level only. He was unable to perform Department of Transportation (DOT) licensed driving.


A release to DOT driving was required for the injured worker to return to the original position. The injured worker had a limited range of motion in the shoulder. This restricted their ability to climb ladders, access the tanker valves, and perform steering maneuvers.


  • The Job Fit Accommodation (JFA) team identified an alternative temporary ride-along trainer and instructor position
  • Modified and suggested injured worker drag rather than carry hose for valve attachment
  • Identified how to enter vehicle using the left arm and 3 points of contact to guard right arm
  • Suggested use of spinner knob to facilitate steering without the right arm
  • Implemented a ladder-based fall protection system

Post JFA

Identifying a modified truck driver position with accommodations allowed for the injured worker to return to their original position without restrictions. The modifications additionally served to protect the injured worker from future injuries to his shoulder.