A delivery driver with a right shoulder injury


An injured propane delivery driver had no repetitive use of his right arm and could not lift over 15 lbs. He was unable to deliver fuel until spring due to winter weather fall/slip risk.


  • Requirements for pulling a residential hose is greater than 15 lbs
  • An alternate use of his left arm would not eliminate the risk of slips and falls and risked exacerbating the injured right shoulder


  • The Job Fit Accommodation (JFA) team identified that commercial propane delivery has greater periods of rest and recovery
  • We identified that commercial delivery required significantly less climbing and that propane tanks were more accessible due to required snow removal
  • We confirmed that the force required to pull the hose was less than 15 lbs


  • Windham recommended padded insoles in his work boots to reduce the pressure transmitted to his injured knee joint
  • Knee pads to protect his injured knee (pads provided by employer)
  • Substituted workers for activities involving pressure on the knee joint, awkward kneeling/squatting; knee-brace if recommended by doctor or physical therapist

Post JFA

A job offer was made to the injured truck driver to return to an alternative position for commercial propane delivery. Nurse Case Management obtained physician support for the return-to-work plan. The accommodations would have gone unidentified without JFA’s expert specialist intervention.