A wood framer with a left knee injury


A wood framer with a left knee injury had been out of work without release for 5 months. The employee was able to return to work in just 12 days after Windham was onsite to perform a Job Fit Accommodation. Our work environment specialists were able to modify the original position to be within the worker’s restrictions and the employer was in full support of the recommended accommodations.


At time of JFA, employee did not have a work capacity.


Stand and walking for extended periods of time on a concrete floor. Squatting and kneeling while using a nail gun and router.


  • Windham Group recommended padded insoles in his work boots to reduce the pressure transmitted to his injured knee joint
  • Knee pads to protect his injured knee (pads provided by employer)
  • Substitute worker for activities involving pressure on the knee joint, awkward kneeling/squatting; knee-brace if recommended by doctor or physical therapist

Post JFA

Windham Group confirmed that all other original job tasks were within the injured worker’s abilities and collaborated with the employer onsite to make a formal job offer. The injured worker returned to work full-time at the original job.

Savings …………….. $13,500
Bottom Line ……….. These accommodations could only be identified by having a Windham Group specialist onsite.