A materials truck driver with a cervical spine injury


The injured truck driver was unable to return to their primary full-time job due to a cervical spine injury. They could return to work in a modified position if they were able to drive and or engage in the lifting of fewer than 2 lbs. frequently.


  • The worker needed to be able to lift 30 pounds occasionally to return to the original unmodified position
  • Required to engage in overhead reaching during loading and unloading procedures
  • The injured worker needed to climb onto trailer to secure delivery loads
  • Operated a forklift for loading cargo


  • The JFA team evaluation identified multiple modified sedentary and light-duty work positions, including painting, verification and documentation, data review, and a box truck driver position
  • Outlined a graduated return-to-work schedule with the goal of reaching full-time status after week 7
  • Instructed and trained the injured worker on good working postures